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Quality… Durability… Affordability…

These are the three pillars of Charith Furniture’s success and it always has been.

Located in the heart of Moratumulla, we have been handcrafting elegant pieces of furniture to suit the needs of various households, corportations, and hotels etc. all around the island for more than 30 years.

Our furniture is handcrafted to meet your custom needs and desires while promising value for your investment. As a professional furniture com¬¬pany in Sri Lanka, we specialize in designing and supplying bespoke fitted furniture for the wholesale and retail markets and has built a reputation for providing exceptional products and services.

Our company history goes back to 1985, with a humble beginning trading in small wooden shop named as “Jayalath Furnitures”. Currently, after renaming ourselves as “Charith Furniture” we have expanded our product portfolio yet we never compromised the core values and meanings, our elder generation built the business upon. We deliver raw and fully completed furniture on a large scale basis as well as to order. We focus on delivering quality and alluring furniture with an affordable price tag.

At Charith Furnitures, we strive to provide our clients with superior customer care and service with a friendly, knowledgeable and responsive staff from the very first day you come to us till the very end. We will explain in detail every little aspect of your desired item to ensure transparency and quality between us, the product, and the investment you will be making with our company.


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Quality… Durability… Affordability…


  • No.65 Sri Premarathna Mawatha, Moratumulla, Moratuwa

  • ‎0112654043

  • ‎0778501851

  • info@charithfurniture.lk

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